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Shuangchao Sports Equipment Co., Ltd about network sold a solemn statement


  Recently appeared unidentified persons on the network sale "Shuangchao" brand products, the company image and product image caused the bad influence, severely disrupted the company's price system, damage the interests of the distributor.
In order to safeguard the company and the immediate interests of all dealers, statement is as follows:
1, as of the date of this announcement, any organization, unit and individual without Shuangchao than the company's right to grant permission cannot online sales exceeds the "Shuangchao" brand products.
2, since the date of this announcement, all low-priced sales exceeds the "Shuangchao" products through a network of single or individuals, please make your own online store for the shelves and clean up, and delete the related content.
3, refused to carry out relevant provisions in a statement, the company will be considered and the relations of cooperation. As well as the market price system confusion, Shuangchao super will shall be investigated for relevant personnel and publish web station of legal responsibility.
I hereby declare!
Zhejiang Shuangchao Sports Equipment Co., LtdOn January 17, 2011

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