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Treadmills does not hurt knee (new items)


  In the past two years, a lot of people at home are added to the fitness partner "mark time machine". According to the state general administration of sports statistics, treadmills have become the most popular choice of family sports, more than any other home fitness equipment sales results.
  "Compared with running, jumping and so on ground movement, the stepper's main advantage is that can slow the pressure force of the knee." Beijing sports university sports medicine Liu Yi sail professor told "life times" reporter. Treadmills to climb stairs, mountain climbing, not only ensure the exercise intensity, and through hydraulic device buffer the weight on the impact of the joints. Treadmills, therefore, not only for young people, also is suitable for the middle-aged and old joint degeneration and overweight and obese people.
In addition, the latest treadmills with balance (hand rope) and swing lasso function. Accompanied by the rhythm of the stampede, arm pull elastic rope can rotate around, or like a running back and forth, up and down to humeral back and arm muscles also to have certain fitness effect. Familiar with action, can trample while twisting the waist, hip, achieve the goal of the whole body movement, exercise coordination. Treadmills, moreover, cover an area of an area small, put at home, watching TV or listening to music and sport, go to the gym a lot and has removed for many busy urbanite.
  Liu Yi sail, however, it is pointed out that, in terms of exercise intensity, stepper doesn't have special advantages, is not, as some advertisements propaganda "rapid burning fat" so magical, exercise the effect of concrete depends on personal time and intensity of movement.
In addition, just start using step machine, attention should be paid to prevent falls, it's best to set foot on one foot, after stand firm on the other foot slowly again. Old man also can choose with armrest treadmills, help the body in balance. Besides, every time the best group practice, trample 5-10 minutes, take a break, do some stretching and stretching body movements, gradually extend the time that the every time. Finally, like all sports, trample step machine also should pay attention to follow sequence progressive, from slow to fast, range from small to large, don't come up quick step, hard twist. On exercise intensity, should with sweat, but not advisable,'re supposed to avoid overexert, muscle and closing section damage time is too long.

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