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Electronic display screen in detail


Screen shows
1) the function and method of use:
The total number of times: display movement
Time: according to time of the movement
The calories: display sports consume heat
The number of times/min: the average minute movement
Scanning: once every 4 seconds automatically switching function display
Reset (reset) : the cumulative superposition of previous data, press MODE key more than 2 seconds, all parameters to zero
Automatic shutdown: stop moving screen automatically shut down after 2 minutes, sport will continue to the last parameter display again
Added: a screen shows two parameters, press MODE key to switch between the parameters, next to the small triangle with the beat.
2) installation and maintenance:
(1) the electronic card into the table frame;
Used the electronic watch is a 7 batteries, when installing the battery must be correct polarity (otherwise it will damage the instrument); Electronic watch in the case of does not display, is probably the battery has been depleted, it need to replace the battery.
2 when display dim or not full-time, please replace the new battery;
(3) install the new battery for the first time, if the content is not complete or no response, please take out the battery can be installed again after waiting for 15 seconds.

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